Corporate responsibility remains an important area of focus for Vitec. This is reflected by our employees who understand the importance of the right values and behaviours when carrying out their roles at Vitec.

It involves dealing with all our stakeholders – including customers, suppliers, shareholders, local communities in which we operate and with our own employees. The values and behaviours of our employees underpin our Business Model to ensure Vitec’s long-term success.

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The Board has overall responsibility for compliance and ethics and considers and approves our key policies, including but not limited to our Code of Conduct (“Code”), Environmental Policy, Anti-Corruption and Bribery Policy, Health and Safety Policy, Modern Slavery Policy, Supply Chain Policy, IT Policy and Cyber Security Policy. These policies set a standard for all our employees, are available on our website, and are central to our approach to being a responsible business.

The Board has delegated the coordination of our responsible business efforts to Stephen Bird and, together with the Executive Management Board and senior management, he focuses his efforts on the areas outlined above. We established a cross-divisional Environmental, Social and Governance Committee in early 2021 that will oversee the Group’s continuing approach to ESG. This is chaired by the Group Chief Executive and Group Company Secretary and meets on a regular basis to review progress against all ESG matters. We will report on this in more detail in 2021’s Annual Report as well as on our website.

The Board and Executive Management Board regularly consider the Group’s reputation and measures progress against our responsible business objectives. Examples include: monthly health and safety performance reviews; whistleblowing and anti-bribery reports; and regular training of employees ensuring that the right corporate culture and good governance practices are developed.


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