We have developed a focused and coordinated Group-wide approach to ESG.

Our strategy includes clear objectives and targets across all areas, prioritising actions that are going to deliver the greatest impact. We are also collecting detailed data in order to comprehensively, clearly and consistently report our progress and credentials to our stakeholders.


Our ESG strategy

We have identified the material issues that affect our business and our stakeholders.

Our ESG strategy is tailored to address our key areas of impact and those of our industry, as well as meeting the priorities of our stakeholders. It is also designed to positively contribute to the success of the Company, to reduce the impact of the business on the environment, to continue to prioritise the health and safety of our employees and to improve the diversity and inclusivity of our workplaces.


Our key focus areas

Under these broad categories we have seven key pillars.

1.       Continue to prioritise health and safety

2.       Reduce carbon emissions

3.       Reduce packaging and waste

4.       Embed sustainability into our product life cycle

5.       Formalise the integrity of our entire supply chain

6.       Improve diversity and inclusion

7.       Positively impact the communities in which we operate

In order to understand the impact we have, as well as the issues and opportunities most likely to affect the Group and what matters most to our stakeholders, the development of our ESG strategy was informed by a thorough materiality assessment and stakeholder engagement.



Our materiality process and the development of our ESG strategy included consideration of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The SDGs are a call to action to address the world’s biggest sustainability challenges. They provide a global language for sustainability issues and a framework for understanding how to contribute.

Our core business activities contribute to a number of the SDGs, and we believe the following goals are where we are making a positive difference.



Managing a responsible business 

We continue to have a robust Governance framework with a Code of Conduct which sets out our values and the behaviour that can be expected from Vitec, our people and our supply chain. This robust Governance framework underpins a sustainable and responsible business for our stakeholders. 

We are starting to actively engage the whole business in ESG. Our ESG Committee oversees, delivers and reports on our ESG programme. The Committee was established to help us meet our growing standards and ambition, leading initiatives across the Group and ensuring compliance with all regulations and emerging practices.

Comprising senior executives representing each Division within the Group, the Committee is chaired by the Group Chief Executive and Group Company Secretary and meets on a regular basis to review progress against all ESG matters. For members of the senior team, a material percentage of their personal objectives element of their bonus scheme clearly tied to delivering an improvement in our ESG performance.

The Vitec Board has oversight and overall responsibility for the Company’s ESG strategy and performance.

We will continue to report progress on our website and in our 2021 Annual Report.